Zeebarf Video Blog

2011-03-01 11:35:42 by Zeebarf

Last month I decided to head off into the snowy Canadian wilderness and lock myself away in a cottage for a week. All in an attempt to finish the remaining background art for the upcoming full length Reemus game, "The Ballads of Reemus". In addition to my computer, I brought along a video camera and recorded the whole adventure.

Watch me draw, consume sugar and grow a beard over 7 fun filled work days! Enjoy!


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2011-03-01 12:28:06

This feels like the start of a Blair Witch-esque horror series.


2011-03-01 16:59:23

Your facial expression doesn't look like you're enjoying it.


2011-03-12 19:34:40

That's the way of the artist!


2011-03-19 13:43:12

So can i ask... its been how long? 6 months? More? Will you ever upload the reemus chapter 4 to the public?

Zeebarf responds:

Yes, I've said all along that Chapter 4 will get uploaded for the public in conjunction with my other game "The Ballads of Reemus".

The only hold up is finishing The Ballads of Reemus. It took way longer than we wanted mostly because we had to keep stopping to do other jobs. But we're well on our way now.