More Reemus coming...

2011-08-24 09:43:13 by Zeebarf

It's been forever since my last Reemus game, but soon that will all change. I have TWO new Reemus games on the horizon!

The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 is complete and will be launching on NG in the Fall. It takes place where Chapter 3 left off. Reemus and Liam arrive in the Kingdom of Danricus in an attempt to have their death slug adventure officially recognized by the Department of Heroic Quests. Non-linear puzzle world and multiple endings await ye adventurers!

If that's not enough, The Ballads of Reemus is also coming this Fall. The first full length Reemus game with 40 locations, 30 fully voice acted characters and featuring NG's own Joshua Tomar aka TomaMoto as Reemus.

Get your point and click finger ready!

Check out - Ballads of Reemus for more details!


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2011-08-24 10:54:55

Ill go take a look at your games and stuff, I hope to see the new ones when they come out!


2011-08-26 12:33:01

Wow. Good going zeebarf. I can't wait to play more Remus's adventures. I've always liked puzzle games and You've created a series that's one of the best. Keep up the good work!


2011-10-05 13:44:25

FINALLY!!!! We've all been waiting forever for it.


2011-10-19 11:42:03

Thank you zeebarf I will enjoy playing the ballad of reemus and how hes gonna be voiced by my favorite voice actor joshua tomar thank you


2011-10-28 06:29:33

Is it almost time for the new Reemus yet?!?!?!?


2011-12-17 09:33:05

Zee! we're almost on winter man! where's the next reemus game??


2011-12-29 19:34:18

No, make another small favor.