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The Ballads of Reemus Official Trailer

Posted by Zeebarf - January 3rd, 2012

Well here it is, the official trailer to "The Ballads of Reemus". Our first ever commercial adventure game!

The game is scheduled to be released on January, 27 2012. You can still pre-order the game and get early access to it on January 13, 2012. Just head over to the ClickShake Games Storeto place your order.

There's 36 fully voice acted characters in the game. You may recognize some NG voice talent amongst them! Big thanks to Joshua Tomar aka TomaMoto for breathing life into Reemus!

Hope you enjoy it!

For those of you that want some Reemus but don't want to pay, don't worry. "The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 4" will also launch on January 27 on NG!

Comments (18)

wait is this during or after he fights the deathslugs?
i forget to keep track of the timelines

Before the death slugs, this is a stand alone story about Reemus' early days of adventuring.

Can't wait for both games, keep us informed.

Great! Looking forward to this :)


Looks great. Too bad I probably won't get to play it. Looking forward to Chapter 4, though. :D

I just finished playing the game, started playing it as soon as midnight rolled around.

I have got to say that it was way beyond my expectations and by far the best in the series.
I pre-ordered the online and downloadable versions and when they dropped the price and gave out coupons to those who preordered it I used it to by the collectors edition.

so in total I guess I have spent about 38 dollars on this game not including shipping, having said that I have to say that this game is way beyond worth it.

Jay and Steve have done an amazing job, the game play is fluid and fun, the puzzles and mini games are fun and make for a enjoyable variety of game play. the music is perfect and the voice acting is flawless.

I waited all night to play this on release day during a work week and five hours later I am not disappointed and can say that it was five hours well enjoyed and well spent, I have to leave for work in about an hour and have not gotten any sleep and I regret nothing.
And I still have several achievements that I am looking forward to going back and completing.

Thank you Jay and thank you Steve for making a great game.

Heeeey, nice of you to have a voice cast. You make awsome games, and I'm realy looking forward to TSJoR:C4. ^^ We even have a date of release WHEEEEEE!

Come on, it's 27 january

can you just make it free

i think you ruined the sires by wanting money for a game ITS A FUCKING GAME all games have to be free

I love it! but will there ever be a soundtrack? :O I've always digged that haunting forest-ish tune

i think Arpo Butcher would have been the perfect voice for reemus! Good ass game though good job!

Pure Epicness. I can't wait for it.

Heya! I'm a little confused about the ending of the latest Journies of Reemus game. Maybe you can help? If the Death Slugs were on the ship, and Reemus destroyed the ship doesn't that mean he won? But I'm confused because at the end it said his application was gonna take 2 days to be approved to he could get "Official" credit. But if he just destroyed the death slugs then and there, doesn't that mean he "un-officially' stopped them? I'm so confused @_@

He just slowed them down, a lilttle water isn't going to kill the slugs. He just wanted to postpone their arrival so he can get official credit for the quest once they arrive.

I got the Ballads of Reemus game but I really don't know how long I should wait. Also, I'm a bit confused about which path led to the beginning of Ch. 4.

i just wish you all the sucess and cant wait for you to hot japans play stations!

I'm so glad I finally have the spare cash for this game, I'm so excited to finally play!

bought it. lot of a fun. worth the $10 :D i'd recommend it to anyone. goodjob. keep 'em comin'