A Small Favor Returns!

2013-04-15 12:07:07 by Zeebarf

After four years the alien assassin is back! After releasing The Ballads of Reemus last year, we were hungry to take another one of my old games and create a beefier commercial version of it.

I've always felt like theSmall Favor universe was ripe for storytelling and I barely scratched the surface of some of the ideas presented in the old game. So we decided to follow in the tradition of a million other game developers and turn to Kickstarter for support.

We're hoping to kickstart $30K to create all new, beefed up "A Small Favor" game. It'll be a bit of a reboot, telling a new story with the same nameless hero but with improved graphics, bigger story and hours of gameplay. We're also going to make it a side scroller in the vein of "Another World/Out of the World" to allow for some deeper exploration.


We're aiming for September 2013 for release.

Thank you for your support!
Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth

PS. See you guys at the Pico Day party this year! After launching my first flash movie here 13 years ago Tom Fulp and I are finally going to meet in person. Crazy!


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2013-04-19 19:13:18

good luck man...you'll need it


2013-05-06 07:19:13

It was a pleasure to meet you last weekend... sorry I was a bit under the weather, but trust you had a good time!

(Updated ) Zeebarf responds:

Absolutely! It was a great time, hopefully we can meet again!


2013-05-09 14:55:05

personally remaking your older games for cash is a bad idea as diehard fans who cannot afford the game will feel left out thus alienating some of your fans i would like to see a series that isn't a remake like maybe a midget ninja has to murder gorrilas with a chainsaw in the desert or somthing


2013-06-30 19:14:08

ZEEBARF I think you are the COOLIEST GUY and should MAKE MORE