Reemus and 5 other games for $2

2013-09-23 17:19:13 by Zeebarf

The first Ballads of Reemus game is now available as part of the Indie Royale Golden Jubilee Bundle. 6 games, including Reemus for $2. For less than a gram of crack you can point and click your way through Reemus' first commercial adventure!

Two days left to grab it!


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2013-09-24 03:56:41

I think crack costs more, but I'm in, and for more than 2 clams... getting it from your website - I haven't done Steam or Desura before

Now will somebody please come up with a Steam thread, so we know which NG developers we can support?! How's things going on the Greenlight project? You're not the only one here who has a game awaiting the green light!

Zeebarf responds:

Thanks! I'm currently in Greenlight Limbo eternally 60% away from the top 100.