2014-10-21 14:39:32 by Zeebarf

It's been a while! I've been locked away for the last year tinkering away at a new Ballads of Reemus point and click sequel that hopefully will be done soon. I have a new artist on board helping me craft it, so it should be pretty sweet! 

As if video game dev isn't hard and time consuming enough I've also decided to take a crack at the TV world again. It's been almost 10 years since my old show "Sons of Butcher" was on the air. Canada is a bit of a black hole for TV, it takes years to get anything through the pipeline. So when the CBC launched a Comedy Coup accelerator program to find new shows I decided to take a run at it. 

The premise is you enter your show idea and 10 weeks later they pick one winner and  a pilot gets made. Each week is a new challenge designed to show if you can actually pull off your idea, which people vote on and the most popular make the cut. 

So far we made the first round of cuts and are in the top 110. At the end of the month it chops down to 55, then 15 and then final 5 in December. 

We'll see what happens, but in the meantime you can check out our new show idea in the video below. If you like it, click the FOLLOW, RATE and FAV icons. There's also a little SHARE icon to post on twitter and facebook which also requires you create an account and login. Blarg, It's a convulted system so I appreciate anyone who even takes the time to watch it. 

What's it about? A 52 year old security guard gets screwed out of his pension when they privatize the city sewage treatment plant he works at. So he goes on a mission of revenge against city corruption by kicking the shit out of all involved. The deeper he goes the more he uncovers about the Illuminati, drug cartels and a bevy of other conspiracy theory craziness.

If you like early 90's action movies and goofy comedy then check it out.

This video is a sample scene we shot last week. Dig it. 


Thanks for the support, 
Jay "Zeebarf"



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