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Zeebarf's News

Posted by Zeebarf - March 1st, 2011

Last month I decided to head off into the snowy Canadian wilderness and lock myself away in a cottage for a week. All in an attempt to finish the remaining background art for the upcoming full length Reemus game, "The Ballads of Reemus". In addition to my computer, I brought along a video camera and recorded the whole adventure.

Watch me draw, consume sugar and grow a beard over 7 fun filled work days! Enjoy!

Posted by Zeebarf - December 28th, 2010

Steve Castro and I, under our new ClickShake Games identity, have launched a new visitor game!

This one is different from the first, its more of an action/puzzler. Allowing you to freely control the alien and explore the campgrounds, devouring animals and humans.

I also decided to approach it like an 80's B-Movie and keep it campy.

We hope you enjoy it!

The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy

Posted by Zeebarf - November 8th, 2010

I know, there hasn't been any activity on the Zeebarf account in a while but I assure you I've been toiling away, burning the candle at both ends to finally bring you some new games.

A few months back Steve Castro ,aka. Entropicorder, and I decided to form a new company together, CLICKSHAKE GAMES. Now we're finally about to bring you some of the fruits of our labour.

Two of my most popular franchises are about to get new installments. First up, after three years The Visitor finally gets another game. Though this time we decided to play around with the mechanics a bit and offer up a different take on our homicidal slug. Now you can fully control the Visitor as he devours animals and campers in a brand new action-adventure called The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy. Check out the trailer:

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The Visitor is currently up for bid at Flash Game License, so expect it to come to NG as soon as it finds a sponsor.

Next up Reemus is heading for not one, but two new games. First appearing in the next chapter in the on-going Several Journeys series.

The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4: The Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy. Reemus and Liam land on the shores of the Kingdom of Danricus with high hopes of securing their heroic quest to stop the Death Slug invasion. Unfortunately they soon find themselves caught up in the bumbling bureaucratic process of The Danricus Department of Heroes. Reemus and Liam find themselves in a race against the clock as a wave of Death Slug enslaved Gygax makes their way towards the castle gates.

Expect that one to arrive on NG early 2011.

Now a lot of people have asked me about a longer game with voice acting and more point and clickity fun. So we answered with "The Ballads of Reemus", our first full length Reemus adventure game featuring more puzzles, more characters and finally, for the first time, voice acting. We've been grinding away on it for a while and hope to have it launch sometime in early 2011. It's currently available for pre-order through our website.

For more info and updates check the official CickShake Games website!

Reemus and The Visitor making a triumphant return

Posted by Zeebarf - February 22nd, 2010

I've gotten a lot of emails asking about new games, so here is an update on the latest Zeebarf stuff!

Steve Castro aka. EntropicOrder and I have decided to join forces to create a new gaming company, ClickShake Games

ClickShake will be the home to all our future projects. First on the agenda is a brand new Reemus Adventure called "When the Bed Bites". Production has just begun on it, so check the ClickShake site for progress updates.

For fans of my old animated TV show, "Son of Butcher". We will be releasing HD versions of every episode onto youtube via the Massive Explosion channel. A new episode every week - Make sure you subscribe!

In other Sons of Butcher news, we're also releasing two new albums "Rise of the Steaks" and "Fall of the Steaks". Currently available as a sweet limited edition pre-sale. Check it out on the official Sons of Butcher Website.

Lastly, Steve and I will be attending the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco in March. I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow Flash developers and fans! See you there!

New company! New Games! New Music!

Posted by Zeebarf - August 26th, 2009

Another Small Favor is now live, of course like any new launch nasty little bugs creep up. Rest assured we'll crush them quickly.

The game was conceived as a trilogy, so expect a big finale to the Favor story.

In other news, A Small Favor was nominated for E4 Adventure Game of the Year 2009. The winner is determined by public voting, so cast your vote!

Vote for A Small Favor for E4 Adventure Game of the Year

Posted by Zeebarf - August 11th, 2009

I haven't made a new post on here in forever. So here it goes...

Just a quick update, "ANOTHER SMALL FAVOR" is almost ready for launch! It should hit the portal very soon, keep your point and click finger ready.

In another news, I've added a new person to the ZEEBARF team. This one I created from scratch. My wife and I had our first baby!

Our baby boy, Logan, arrived on July 25th. What a trip!

I've duct taped a pencil to his little hand, so in another 15 years expect some great portal entries from him :)

Posted by Zeebarf - May 1st, 2009

Well Riftmaster and I just wrapped the initial production of my new game "A Small Favor". Now it needs a few good eye balls to give it a once over and source out all the bugs.

If you're up for the task go to www.zeebarf.com and join the zeebarf newsletter. I'll be sending out a link to the beta version in my mailing list tomorrow!

What's it about? It's an adventure puzzle game in the vein of "Reemus" except with a more open world and starring an alien assassin with a gun that liquefies people.

Interested? Head over to zeebarf.com!

See ya in the portal...

Posted by Zeebarf - January 26th, 2009

I've gotten a lot of emails about Reemus Chapter 3, it's on the way. I've been slowly working on the design and story. I'm proud to announce that NegativeONE will be doing all the programming for it this time around, which frees me up to spend more time creating deeper puzzles and design. I hate giving release dates since I usually blow them, but I'm guessing end of February/March.

In other news, Mitch Bowden, the composer for all my Reemus games has finally released the long awaited album from his band, Don Vail. Support independent music and buy a copy.

Digital downloads are available on Zunior.com or buy a CD copy via their Don Vail Myspace

Reemus Chapter 3 and other rhings

Posted by Zeebarf - January 13th, 2009

jayisgames.com released their nominations for Best of Casual Gameplay 2008. I'm excited to announce all three chapters of my Reemus saga were nominated for Adventure game of the year! If you feel like sending me some love, cast your vote for your fav Reemus chapter!


Thanks again for all the support! Expect a new Reemus and Liam chapter very soon!

Posted by Zeebarf - November 12th, 2008

Just a quick update for those asking about the latest Reemus game...

The good news is Chapter 2 is almost done! The bad news is it took me forever! Trying out new puzzles and pushing the animation and character interaction seemed like a great idea at the time, but it really doubled my workload, destroying all hopes of hitting my October release date.

I got a little too ambitious I guess. Hopefully the extra effort makes for a better game experience, but in reality I have no idea what people will respond to. It's all a big experiment in game design for me.

If anyone would like to help me beta test and debug it, just go to www.zeebarf.com and join the mailing list. Once I get it to a place that I like, I'll put it out to my mailing list to test before I launch it on NG. That way the version I put on here will be bug free and polished...well in theory anyway :)

Thanks for being patient!